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1700+ Scenes from over 200 Movies

An archive of all of our movies and scenes 5 years after they have premiered on TIMPASS. Watch the original Treasure Island Media fuck flicks featuring legendary studs. Available standalone or with TIMPASS+

1700+ Scenes from over 200 Movies

Content added monthly!

  • An archive of all of our movies and scenes 5 years after they have premiered on TIMPASS
  • Watch the original Treasure Island Media fuck movies featuring legendary studs
  • Available standalone or with TIMPASS+

Sometimes a Hole is Just a Hole.

FUCK HOLES 3 breaks the boundaries of queer porn as the first ever inter-gender porn flick.

Gay men breeding gay men, a cis boy breeding a t-girl, an over the top gay cum loading gangbang, my first ever straight creampie scene shot for gay eyes.

For those of you who say you want more INTERNAL cumshots – FUCK HOLES 3 is for you. The cum is OVERflowing. 139 loads of jizz. Most of them injected right into holes.

RYAN CUMMINGS refuses no load when he takes on a room full of horny tops most of who cum right INSIDE his hole – that’s before and after he is inseminated with a bottle of saved loads he brought with him. Featuring TIM fan favorites TONY BISHOP and SAM BRIDLE and more.

LUKAS CIPRIANI is loaded up by TOMMY DELUCA’s 10 x 7 huge cock so that his hole can be good and cummy before top man of the century ROCCO STEELE’s 10 x 7 huge cock can breed the boy good.

SAMI PRICE takes a load directly in her hole from the one and only Yaegerman ROB YAEGER in our first trans scene.

FLYNN EVANS uses not one power hole but two when he takes on all the fuck holes of KYLE FERRIS and ELI LEWIS.

And then there is “The Whore Next Door” SIOUXSIE Q - who gives all cumdumps on the planet a run for their money - when she takes multi loads up her butthole from GAVIN GREENE, JESSE JAMES, LUCAS KNIGHT, GAGE SIN, and MICHAEL VEGAS. Trust me the girl lives up to her name.

Already controversial just based on the release of the trailer:


“Don’t want pussy or tits in my porn. TIM is the sacred world of real pure gay hedonism. This totally fucks that up.” – bigrawtop

“I gotta say it's fucking HOT that TIM is including women and trans folks. TIM stands for hot, raw, natural sex.” – MC

“It doesn't matter to me. I just like to watch people fuck.” – CLD


Keep an open mind. FUCK HOLES 3 is unlike anything you have ever seen before because it’s never been done before. Look at the above 5 holes closely. I bet you can’t even tell which are gay, trans or straight.



Sometimes a Hole is Just a Hole.

I believe porn is an artform. I believe all good porn is good porn. I came of age watching pre-condom video and when I discovered Treasure Island Media I felt like I had found the one cult that was tearing down the status quo of mainstream porn. The division that existed between gay condom porn and bareback porn in the 2000’s always seemed stupid. Straight porn wasn’t using rubbers so why was gay porn?

Bottom line, it’s all just porn, right?

"Create a path where there wasn’t one, or where it had perhaps been covered.” – Stephen

"I just hate when gay men are resistant to new things. I never thought I would like straight and trans porn and now I'm addicted." – Anonymous

The creation of a queer porn movie intended for gay men featuring gay, trans and straight people seems like a natural evolution to me. Not to mention, it’s fucking HOT.

Sometimes a Hole is Just a Hole.

--- Max Sohl

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