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I was looking through our archive of shoots and ran into one I truly love. I was shocked to learn that it had never been released to the public. I have no idea why because it's a great lesson in man-nature.

ALEX is a straight stoner. When we shot this he lived with his (unsuspecting) girlfriend. She's since become his wife and he's the father of a little boy. Whether he still sucks dick is anyone's guess. But when we shot this, he would call me up every once in a blue moon and let me know that he was craving the taste of cock.

For this shoot I gave him DAN FISK in good part because of his weakness for young men with big puppy eyes. And ALEX filled the bill on that count. In order to really get into sucking cock (in order to get over his guilt), he'd always get righteously stoned. And usually he brought along a bottle of hootch.

After downing most of the bottle and smoking a big spliff, ALEX got down to the business of pleasure. Here's a portrait of a young man in Dionysian bliss, doing what he loves to do--when he's fucked up. Who knows--maybe his son will follow in the old man's footsteps.

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