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I’ve been trying to get IAN JAY back ever since his spectacular slut-show where he took over 1,000 LOADS for me. He finally relented and said he just wanted to sate his butt-hole with a single perfect dick. I said “I’ll get whoever you want” -- I live to serve -- and he immediately asked for KEER.

You might remember KEER from the infamous BONE DEEP session in which he pumped a gallon of milk up a submissive man-cow’s ass and then added his warm fresh cream to the mix. That was one of the many scenes that’s cost me a fortune in legal fees.

This session is exactly what IAN wanted. He asked KEER to just lay back, be lazy and let IAN play with that mighty oak of a dick. In the trailer, you’ll get a gander at IAN’s wee li’l boy-butt sliding slowly-slowly-slowly down KEER’s hero-sized phallus: it’s a dick so fuckin’ big it looks like it’s from a different planet altogether.

KEER was happy to oblige IAN’s fantasy, and for the duration of the session he grins dreamily while IAN uses him as an oversized human dildo, finishing off with a rich frothy load of jizz up the boy’s ass. A simple, straightforward hole-hunger satisfaction session.




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