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In the next scene DAMON connects with a very sexy young guy who goes by the unique name "GROOVE MONKEY".

DAMON is an inventive cocksucking cum-worshipper, so he sucks GROOVE MONKEY off, taking the whole big load into his mouth and then dribbles the hot sticky white-stuff into a martini glass. Then DAMON jerks off and squirts his own fresh jism into the martini glass, mixing the two loads together. Thirsty after all that work, DAMON drinks down every drop of the cum out of the martini glass, licking his lips and grinning.

"Sucking now, in a town near you..."

I think you'll want to check DAMON DOGG out, because he's going to be a dedicated cocksucker worth watching in all the future road-trip videos from the DAMON BLOWS AMERICA series.

DAMON BLOWS AMERICA Volume 1: Portland, Oregon is one hot, inventive and sleazy cocksucking video. If you're into watching men sucking dick and like to see guys savoring the fresh and tangy taste of hot cum, I'm sure you'll get off on it.

- Paul Morris

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