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On the way back up to San Francisco, DAMON and I stopped off in L.A. I wanted him to meet one of my friends, a hot lean young man named BRANDON. BRANDON is a beautiful straight guy who agreed to let the DOGGster suck him off on camera. But BRANDON is a kinky fucker and got into a mood where he wanted DAMON to bite and gnaw on his dick while sucking on it. And I mean bite on it hard ... After letting DAMON suck and chew on his big straight-guy dong, BRANDON gets up and throat-fucks DAMON, shooting his load right down the DOGG's gullet. BRANDON used DAMON like his willing bitch - and the DOGG liked it. A lot! If you're one of the fast-growing number of fans of DAMON DOGG and his cum-filled oral adventures, you won't want to miss this third and best video yet of the series. DAMON BLOWS AMERICA Volume 3: San Diego, California is one hot & sex-packed cum-eating video! - Paul Morris DAMON DOGG, the cock-sucking cum-loving skateboarder, is back with his second wild installment of DAMON BLOWS AMERICA. This time he takes on San Francisco in a six-scene blowjob porn-fest! This is one DOGG who doesn't need to lick his own big full balls - there are plenty of hot men in SanFran eager and willing to lick them for him! AND to suck out and swallow down the hot and tasty DOGG-juice that squirts out of his big fat dick.

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