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I've always said that TIM exclusive DAN FISK has one of the most perfect cocks in the world. It's spectacular and satisfying in every way. And you guys seem to be in complete agreement with me on this: DAN gets way more than his fair share of the fan mail here at TIM. (For some reason he has a particularly huge fan base in Scandinavia!)

Now, although Mr. FISK will happily let any cocksucker take a loving swing on his ever-ready powertool, he has a particular taste for the young and the innocent. So he was particularly happy when I graciously lined up two young-uns who were ready 'n' willin' to get on their knees for him.

First up was sweet and innocent ARI. ARI appeared at the TIM offices one day, dropped off (True!) by his mom. After hemming and hawing around for a long while, he finally admitted that he wanted to give dick-sucking a try---and he'd never done it before. So I called up the obliging Mr. FISK.

The result? An incredible scene of perfect innocence lost. Can you remember the first time your tongue touched a man's hard and pulsing cock? Can you remember the first time hot sperm hit your tongue and slid down your throat? It'll all come back to you, I guarantee.

When DAN shoots his thick spunky load, li'l ARI gulps 'n' slurps 'n' swallows it all down, every drop. And then he went downstairs to wait for his mom to pick him up, DAN's cum still drying on his lips.

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