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Scene 6 from DONKEY-DICK NUT-JUNKIES (of Mexico)

A basement blowjob becomes a cellar skull fuck. DAVID NEGRETE has BRAYAN on his knees, dutifully servicing his thick slab of uncut fuck meat.  With a little encouragement (and David’s hand on the back of his head) Brayan swallows the entire cock, opening his throat to easily take it down his gullet again and again. 

As David’s attention shifts from one hole to the other, Brayan gets on the bed and bends over. His hole is treated to a sloppy tongue bath before David holds the kid’s ass steady and slowly watches his cock disappear into the boy’s ass. 

As David continues to fuck, he just pounds harder and rougher  - grabbing Brayan by the hair, slamming his hole with the full weight of his body, then pinning him down and drill fucking as he winces in pain. 

The two power tops actively switch positions while continuing to fuck until David blasts a huge frothy load that he churn-fucks back up into Brayan’s cum dumpster culo. 

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