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1700+ Scenes from over 200 Movies

An archive of all of our movies and scenes 5 years after they have premiered on TIMPASS. Watch the original Treasure Island Media fuck flicks featuring legendary studs. Available standalone or with TIMPASS+

1700+ Scenes from over 200 Movies

Content added monthly!

  • An archive of all of our movies and scenes 5 years after they have premiered on TIMPASS
  • Watch the original Treasure Island Media fuck movies featuring legendary studs
  • Available standalone or with TIMPASS+

ERIK BORDEN is my favorite kind of man: he contacted me and basically begged us to put together a party so he could show off his total passion for sucking cock and swallowing man-seed. As usual, I was happy to oblige.

We put together a group of men with big cocks who had been saving up their loads for days. This was a seriously horny group of men and they weren't disappointed with ERIK's cocksucking abilities.

ERIK starts off by servicing young bisexual stud DICK RICHARDS - who told me that he usually has trouble coming when he's sucked by a man. He had no trouble at all with ERIK, and in fact came faster than he intended, blasting his cum into ERIK's mouth.

ERIK then sucks off a small group of men, including hairy muscular ANDY DILL who shoots a load so copious that ERIK has to just keep swallowing as ANDY shoots it all down ERIK's gullet.

Some of the dicks ERIK sucks are seriously big, but he has no problem taking them all the way down his throat and holding them there - this is a master cocksucker who has devoted his life to serving the cocks of any and all men.

After ERIK gives every man in the room the best blowjob possible, he's so full of sperm that he needs to jerk off. Sucking all that cock got him so excited that he actually has multiple orgasms, coming five times in a row until his balls are totally empty and there's no more jizz to shoot out. He's left with a huge frothy slimy mess of whipped semen on his crotch and belly - I can guarantee you've never seen anything like this!

In D.O.C. Part 1 & Part 2 I'm documenting my passion for men who suck cock and the beautiful cocks they suck. I focus on the faces of the cocksuckers, and often don't show the faces of the men getting sucked. This is especially true of the gloryhole segments of the Powerhouse party, but in general I'm more interested in a guy's cock than in his face - unless he's the one sucking the cock.

If you are passionate about cock, about cum-swallowing, about sucking off and servicing men until you're in an altered state, get D.O.C. -  I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. This is the best cocksucking vid I've ever made.

- Paul Morris

Some men think of cocksucking as a warm-up for fucking. Not me.

I'm one of those men for whom sucking dick isn't just a way of life, it's pretty much a religious experience. And it's been a religious act since men first came into being. There's something about the cock that invites worship, that pulls a man to his knees so he can look closer, inhale the male scent, take all that throbbing flesh into his mouth. If you've done it - if you're a cocksucker - you know what sucking cock and swallowing down the rich hot seed that a man produces does. It all just puts you in a different world, a state of being that's beyond euphoria.

D.O.C is my latest tribute to the incredible experience of one man worshipping another man with his mouth. It's the longest video I've produced - two hours long, divided into two one-hour parts - and it's literally packed, from beginning to end, with more big fat beautiful cocks and more sperm-swallowing action than any video I've ever made.

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