Paul Morris

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I'm not one to believe in sin, but if anything is sinful it's wasting your natural talent. Having a talent means you love doing something and you're good at it. The more you do it, the more you love it and the better you get.

SHANE ANDREWS is not a man who has wasted his talent as a natural-born cocksucker. He sucked his first dick when he was a wee lad and he never stopped. So when WOLF HOLLANDER a skitterish and dubious straight man from a small town, agreed to let us film him getting his first blow job from a guy, I knew right away that SHANE would know exactly how to handle him.

Now, no one is perfect-- SHANE can't deep-throat WOLF's big cock--but his passion and pure worship of the man in front of him shines through with clarity. His hungry tongue slobbers and slithers over the man's cum-swollen ball sac, up and down the gleaming shaft of his cock. He even ventures lower between the guy's legs and--holy fuck!--the straight guy lifts a leg up and gives him an ample taste of his spicy virgin bunghole.

You can tell he's never had this kind of loving attention given to him: WOLF'S face never loses the 'deer-in-headlights' look that's somewhere between, "This doesn't make me gay does it?" and, "Holy fuck, this is awesome".

SHANE lovingly continues to go where no man had gone before, orally adulating WOLF's toes, slurping his asshole, sucking his rock-hard cock and giving this truly lucky straight dude a once-in-a-lifetime sensual experience. Finally the dude gasps, "I'm gonna bust!" and feeds SHANE a ridiculously copious virile geyser of jizz. A few warm plops of the sweet seed splash to the ground and SHANE gets right down worshipfully and laps it up.

When I say "Suck Dick, Save the World" I mean it. It's a sacred vocation fulfilled on your knees, one man at a time. I think it's safe to say that SHANE did his part in this consummate servicing of WOLF. Here's what happens when two perfectly different men--total strangers--both submit to the phallic force that rules our lives. One man kneels, the world is saved.

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