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You might recognize “GORDON” from his straight porn. He was a legend because of his crazy fat dick. He’s completely retired from porn now, so this is probably the last time you’ll get the chance to see him and his legendary cock. I’m not sure why I had ADAM do the honors of sucking off Gordon. The kid’s never done porn before, is pretty inexperienced as a cocksucker. Call it my perverse delight in seeing a young guy tackle an impossible task. Baby Ahab and Moby Dick. Gordon sits back and watches straight porn—yeah, his favorite scenes are the ones where he’s fucking a woman—while poor little Adam does his best to get that third leg in his mouth and milk a spurtin’ load out of it. Once in a while Gordon has to stroke himself hard again—he’s honestly not at all into men. But if you worship the big ones, you’ll get a nice charge out of this scene.


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