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VIVI MARIE and SAL MARQUEZ meet JASPER at a seedy warehouse. Instantly, the pair start sucking Jasper's turgid cock while Vivi works to get her boyfriend’s dick uncovered. Jasper wants Vivi's pussy badly -- he wastes no time planting his face right between her sexy legs. While Jasper has a mouth full of dripping pussy, Vivi swallows Sal’s cock. Jasper pounds Vivi's box hard, as he watches her suck her man's tool. Jasper is clearly becoming delirious with lust.

Crazed and out of control, without a second thought, Jasper takes his first cocksucking plunge. He drops to his knees, grabs Sal's hard bone, and swallows it whole. Mmmm...there's nothin' quite like that first dick! Changing things up, Vivi jumps onto Sal’s cock for a nice ride while she sucks Jasper's fat hog. Sal joins in, wedging his hard cock into Vivi’s tight-as-fuck pussy, delighting as his cock rubs against Jasper’s veiny tool. Vivi's in hole-hog heaven!

It's Jasper's turn to take charge. He bends Vivi over to deepstroke her hot cunt from behind, while Sal feeds them both his pussy-wet cock. The cock-and-cunt-juice cocktail pushes Jasper over the edge, and he unloads his heavy nutsack into Vivi's quim, overflowing her little box. Eager to share in the finale, Sal dives right in, slurping up all of Jasper’s tasty cum. Sal then shoots his load all over Vivi’s face and Jasper’s cock as she tries to get all the cock and cum she can before it's all over.

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