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SERGIO RUIZ is straight. He heard he could fuck, bust a nut AND make some easy cash at the same time. He doesn’t give a fuck if the guy he is mounting is into it. This is all about him. 

And then there is the dick he’s got. SERGIO’s dick is thick and long. Even fully hard, the thing is SO big it has a curve at the end that massages a slut’s prostate real good.

Good thing JULIAN TORRES loves having his face hole filled with dick. This pig gives SERGIO’s cock full attention, getting his mouth, tongue, and lips all over that thing.

SERGIO spreads the warm raw cunt around his dick, spreading JULIAN’s legs, and splits him in half. He drives his colossal tool in to the hilt. He fucks that bubble ass every which way and has JULIAN sniveling like a whore until he’s ready to breed.

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